Thursday, 24 June 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

Hi All

Its been a hugely busy week so far and yet I can't tell you what I have done. Of course, I have been busy watching Wimbledon in the afternoons. I remember my mother saying she only watched it now and again as she was busy keeping the home nice for my father and me and didn't have time for such frivolities. This was proved to be wrong by a most unusual source - our budgerigar, who said "new balls please" just at the wrong moment! lol.

My torn tendon continues to be a problem but my arch support has been built up even higher by the podiatrist this week and has made walking a little more comfortable, so I'm grateful for that.

My card today was a bit of a rush job. I had already made a card for my friend and suddenly realised that it is her 60th birthday this year so I hastily made the card you see here. I hope you like it. It is made mainly from bits and bobs from my stash. The ribbons are actually pink and grey but have come out darker in the photo.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous cards and for your continued support. I so appreciate it.

I hope you are having a good week. Thanks for popping in. Come back soon. Helen xx


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Helen, I have not tried one of these book cards myself, you have made a lovely job of it.I'm sorry to here you have a torn tendon.I love the story about your Mum,I have a few of those

  2. Hells this is absolutely gorgeous, love the grey its really beautiful. Hugs Nettie xx

  3. That is a very special card Helen. Beautiful - I love the way you have arranged the flowers, I just can't do that at all. :)

    Hope your torn tendon heals well and quickly. Take care - no running after tennis balls now!

    Edna x

  4. A very lovely card,your friend will love it Irene

  5. Hi Helen
    Sorry I missed you all yesterday, I only succeeded in coming home with a head like a bucket complete with headache. I don't know if it was the lighting,heat or the fact that clinic was running late & i wanted to get out. Any way love the finished card. Ceeforecat is busy being horizontal in the sun. You'd think they'd get a sun tan. Any way I am now following you. You really wanted to know that didn't you. Oh! yes you did!!!!!!! See you soon keep well & good luck with your walking. See you soon Love Ellie George & Ceeforecat x x x

  6. OMG Hells I know I commented on your beautiful card, and I guess I forgot about your flipping word verification and forgot to type in that rubbish again grrrrrr lol.
    Your card is beautiful hun, love the colours and embellies you've used, so pretty
    hugs Mandy xx